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Osio SRM-9280BB MP3 video player 8 GB

Mp3 player with 8GB built-in storage space, micro SD card slot and color screen. The large storage space of 8 GB and its small size and weight allow you to take all your files together. The mp3 player’s built-in storage can be expanded with a micro SD card up to 32GB, giving you practically unlimited memory. It has a Greek menu and its battery lasts more than 20 hours. On its color screen you can view photos and videos and share them with your loved ones. It also supports many types of music files and with the built-in radio there will always be something new to listen to. It also lets you record audio to take audio notes, view ebooks to read your favorite books while listening to music, and play videos and photos. It charges from USB with the included cable and at the same time you can manage the device’s files from your computer.

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