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Osio OGC-2454 BBQ grill with coals and legs height 68cm, grate diameter 54.5cm.

The Osio OGC-2454 charcoal grill, with a grill diameter of 54.5 cm and a large cooking area, is ideal for grilling with your loved ones on the terrace or in the garden! It is a multi-tool grill, as it has a variety of accessories for easier use. On top of it, there is a rust-resistant aluminum air regulator to keep as much smoke and heat as needed so that you can achieve the exact grilling or smoking of the ingredients, for the taste effect you desire! Also, with the removable ash catcher on the bottom of the grill, you don’t have to worry about the mess and dust that ash from burning coals can cause. With a large capacity, it will fill up after a long time of baking! In addition to the grill, it also has a chrome-plated warming rack, so you can place ready-made food to keep it always warm near the coals. The shiny black enamel bowl and lid withstand temperatures of 800-1000 degrees. It includes a basket at the bottom, which will help you place your baking tools and ingredients for easier and faster use. The 2 wheels and handles on the bowl and lid allow you to move the grill wherever you want with ease. Within a short period of time, you will have well-cooked and delicious food to enjoy with your company!

  • Charcoal grill and legs
  • Grill-charcoal-heating
  • Grill diameter: 54.5 cm (chrome plated)
  • Heating grid: 38 x 29 cm (chrome plated)
  • Leg height: 68 cm.
  • Air regulator
  • Folding lid
  • Basket
  • Ashtray
  • Product size diameter: 58 x 80 cm
  • Bowl size: 57.3 x 18 cm (with black enamel finish)
  • Lid: 57.6cm x 18.5cm (with black enamel finish)
  • Gold-plated charcoal mesh
  • Bowl and lid: temperature resistance 800-1000 degrees
  • Front basket and bottom storage
  • 2 wheels and carrying handle

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